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Electronic Cockroach Killer

Kitchen Appliances
Electronic Cockroach Killer


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Offer Post Time: 2011-07-25

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Product Description

According to cockroaches living habits, our ockroach killer use high-tech biology principle and attract cockroaches to the internal machine then kill it.
According to cockroaches living habits which they like drilling gap, there are two channels on both sides of this machine, at the top of the machine there is a box for attractant. Inside the box you can put cockroach pheromone. When cockroaches have been diverted to the machine internal, also rrive the certain location, the internal infrated sensor detects will connected to the circuit when there is a cockroach into the machine, there is about 3500 voltage electric hock. Then the cockroach will follow to the storage of cockroach dead body, the heating device will also start to dry heating and dehydration to kill it. This can also kill cockroach eggs. So this machine can achieve the purpose of killing completely.
Our cockroach killer use biological lure methods and electronic kill, also kill cockroach eggs. Small size, low power, no pollution, no noise, safe and reliable, durable.

Special type

Trademark: LIQUN
Model NO.: 2
Productivity: 100pcs/day
Payment Terms: T/T